Say no to billable hour math.

  •  Know, at a glance, if you'll hit your billable hour goal. 
  •  See how many hours you need to bill today to stay on track.
  •  Stop wasting time on vacation/"what if I leave early today" number crunching. 
  •  Feel comfortable taking time off.
  •  Dial back the billable hour stress.
  •  No more billable hour guessing games.
  •  Be an organized rockstar (with no extra effort) 

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Sick of stressing over your billable hours?

Good. Let's put an end to that stress and uncertainty in under 60 seconds.

After entering just two quick pieces of info, the Billable Hour BFF instantly maps your whole year, including your estimated year-end billable hour total and the amount that you're currently over/under your billable target. Then, your Billable Hour BFF will be with you throughout the year too, telling you the current number of hours you should bill each day to meet your target by the end of the year, adjusted each day as you're billing away. 

A few things your Billable Hour BFF can do...

Help You Estimate and Plan

For example, fill in estimates for a few potential slow days on your calendar and instantly see how it affects your year-end goal and the amount you need to bill every other day to stay on track. Always have accurate and up-to-date billable hour goals and estimates available at a glance without any extra effort or constant recalculating. You can even share your sheet with your assistant and they can keep it updated for you.

Save You Time

You can lose a surprising amount of time making sure you’re on track for your year-end billable hour goals ( I used to), because it's more complicated than it appears. Dividing your annual goal by twelve months doesn’t work - each month has a different number of work days and holidays. Then you will have vacation time or sick time some months and really busy weeks in other months, throwing off your estimates. Plus, you may want to account for nonbillable days like conferences and marketing events. It's a complicated mess to do all this number crunching by hand.

Include Nonbillable Hours That Count for Billable Credit at Your Firm

Your Billabe Hour BFF includes an option to also account for any nonbillable work you do that your firm will give you billable credit for, such as pro-bono hours. That way, you can see the effect of those hours on your billable targets. 

Account for Vactions, Holidays, and Other Time Off

Your Billable Hour BFF knows how many vaction days you have available, how many you've already taken, and when you plan to take more - it will use that info to adjust your billable hour estimates for you. It does the same for holidays and any other days you plan to take off, such as conference time. 

Get You Out of the Office Earlier

Too many of us stay in the office longer than we really have to because we're not sure if we have enough billable hours we just keep billing away, and the days start to blur together. Yuck. Your Billable Hour BFF can tell you not only where you are on your monthly and yearly targets, as well as how many hours you should be billing each day to hit your goal, but also what will happen to those numbers if you leave the office right now instead of a few hours from now. 

Adjust for Time Written Off 

If your firm doesn't count time written off toward your billable goal, you can use the option in your Billable Hour BFF to log hours written off so your billable targets will be instantly adjusted. 

Give You a Buffer to Guard Against Non-billable Days

If you want it to, your Billable Hour BFF will also keep in mind any nonbillable days you think you may lose to conferences, marketing, sick days, etc. and adjust your daily billable hour goals so that when those nonbillable days come, your annual target doesn't take a hit. 

Give You Piece of Mind on Vacation

Sometimes we don't take enough vacation time because we're worried about hours...or we take the vacation but stress about the effect it will have on our hours. Instead, you can use your Billable Hour BFF to see the effect a potential vacation will have on your annual billable hour goal and on the amount you'll have to bill every other workday to stay on track. (It also starts out assuming you'll take all your vacation days, because I hope you do!)

Make Tracking Your Billable Hours Goal Super Easy (Under 60 Second Setup)

You can be up and runinng in under a minute, then your Billable Hour BFF will update instantly so you always know where you are on your annual billable target, as well as monthly estimated billable hours, and the current daily target that will keep you on track (including taking holidays, vacation time, and other time off into account).  

What are people saying about it? 

Comments from 2017 purchasers

“The spreadsheet is amazing...Thank you so much!”

“Hi Kate, Thank you for putting this spreadsheet together – I can see that it will be very useful!”

“We love Kate’s Billable Hour Spreadsheet, a fantastic tool to track your billables—stress-free!”

"I definitely like using the billable hours spreadsheet. It has helped me be more vigilant about reaching my hours goals.... Thanks for a useful tool."

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it's super easy to use. Take 60 seconds or less to set up, and you're good to go! The tool will guide you through the quick info you need to enter as well as optional info. The simple instructions are right in the tool for you if you need them. Easy as pie and just as sweet. 

Is this different than my firm's time-tracking software?

Yes, that software typically just records how many hours you've billed, looking backward. Your Billable Hour BFF does that too, but it also looks forward, telling you how many hours you're over/under on your yearly goals at the moment, how many hours you should bill each day to stay on track, what will happen if you bill more/less on a particular day, and it updates all that as you bill hours each day. Pretty cool huh?

Is it hard to maintain throughout the year?

Nope, that part is easy too! Your Billable Hour BFF will automatically enter in your target number of hours on every day of the calendar in the tool when you set it up (though you can also change a particular day if you want). Just enter your time on the calendar as you go, and all your targets will be instantly updated. The days will also change color after you log your time, so it's easy to see where you are at a glance. It's that simple, but the short instructions are also right in the tool if you need them. 

Who can use it after I buy?

If you buy the Individual copy, only you (and an assistant that helps keep your time) will be able to use it. If someone else wants a copy, you can send them to this page to buy one. If you by a firm copy, anyone that is a current owner or employee of that firm will be able to use their own copy.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, you will receive a receipt by email. 

What if I bill on a fiscal year, will this work for me?

Yes. While the standard version is for a calendar year, fiscal year versions are currently available for fiscal years ending in August 2018, September 2018, October 2018, and November 2018. To purchase a fiscal year copy, complete the below to order a copy, then simply hit reply to your purchase confirmation email and provide your 2018 fiscal year end date. Please note that while standard calendar year versions will deliver immediately, fiscal year versions may take up to a few days to process. 

Was this created by an attorney?

Yes, that would be me. Hi, I'm Kate, founder of - I created this tool, because I know what a pain it is to number crunch your billable hour goals. I didn't like doing it, and I wanted to save others the trouble too, so I'm sharing this tool with you! 

What makes it work?

Magic, love, and spreadsheet nerdiness.  

What is the format?

It downloads as an Excel spreadsheet, but you don't need to be familiar with spreadsheets to use it. It's more like using a simple fillable form than using a spreadsheet. Super easy (because being a lawyer is hard enough). 

Can I buy a copy for multiple people in my whole firm? 

Totally. Different price options are available based on firm size. Send me an email to inquire about purchasing a firm copy. 

Still have questions?

No worries, just send me an email - I'd love to hear from you!  



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